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The GEM Debate: Would You Vote For A President Trump?


Dear Donald Trump: YOU’RE FIRED!

Or I guess more accurately ‘not hired’ as goodwill ambassador to people of color.

Of course, that’s not the job The Donald says he’s running for. He wants to be President and in case you haven’t heard Trump appeared on a New York radio station this morning and said some interesting things that are making quite a few people (myself included) see red!

Perhaps we’ve all been there (or not), you know, that place where things (private thoughts) sound fine (make perfect sense) until they take shape and are spoken (escape the confines of your gray matter) and are then broadcast (again and again), tweeted (and retweeted) and blogged about endlessly (by people like ME!). Yeah.

You see, in the interview, Trump talked about the “frightening” level of support that President Obama gets from black voters (they have power and it’s scary). He went on to add, “I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks (the ones who work for me; they’re among my best friends) and then praised Hilary Clinton for all he work she’s done for “the black population” (wow, there sure are a lot of them. And they vote too!)

Okay obviously my translation is meant to be tongue in cheek, but should a guy who calls African Americans “the blacks” be representing “the blacks”? Would he call Latinos “the browns”? Personally, when I think of the browns, I think of Cleveland. And the Tyler Perry TV show. And who’s going to tell Trump that there are many different groups that make up brown people? Cuban Americans, Mexican-Americans and Dominican Americans just to name a few. Different groups, different cultures, different desires. And who are “the blacks” he speaks of? African Americans, Caribbean Americans, Haitian Americans? All black; not the same.

I’m not sure what to blame for Trump’s racial broad-strokes on. Is it because he’s white? Or rich? Or rich and white? I’m not really sure. But here’s my recommendation. If Trump is serious about being President he should take a look at those groups listed in the previous paragraph. Because though all different, they also share one word. American. And they (we) want the same thing he wants; safety, security, health, happiness maybe with a bit of wealth thrown in (which he already has).

What Trump could do to help himself immediately is to leave his plush office, buy a metro card, take the shuttle to Times Square, grab a slice at Ray’s and sit there watching the Naked Cowboy or any of the other (real) sights of New York. But he won’t. What he’ll probably do is show how racially sensitive he is by hiring a PR firm probably headed by his good friend. A black, no doubt.

So let’s debate.

Is Donald Trump ready to be president or did this gaffe sink any shot he had?

Regardless of your political persuasion – would you vote for a President Trump?

Fire away everyone!


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