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Monday Motivation: What Is The Motivation Equation? It Starts HERE!



Monday Motivation:
What Is The Motivation Equation?
It Starts HERE!


Hey all.. Happy Monday!

(Side note: do these weekends seem to be FLYING BY? Yes. yes they are.)

I have been thinking a lot about motivation, fueled in part by my interested in women’s fitness.

I hear people talk a lot about motivation, especially with regard to fitness and I think I have stumbled onto the formula.

You ready for it?

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Okay here it is.

Wait. You sure you’re ready?

Alright then.

You have to work for it first.

That’s right, you have to put in the work AND you need to be consistent before motivation shows up.

How’s that work you ask?

Once you are consistent, you begin to see results.. and once you see results, there is no stopping you. In other words, you are motivated to continue.

Think about it in terms of physical fitness. When you join the gym and go regularly (you are consistent), your clothes begin fitting better. Your stomach gets flatter and you feel better (results of that consistency). And a little of that goes a long way, as you then make good food choices and make sure not to skimp on your fitness.
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In the early days of Good Enough Mother (remember those? I do!) when I was creating content in my closet and cranking out blog posts, I felt like it was me all alone. I was the only one talking, the only one listening and wondered if what I was saying, mattered to anyone, anywhere.

But I kept after it.

Months went by and it seemed no one was coming to my website.. not one comment, the numbers weren’t growing fast enough and I was frustrated.

Still, I kept going.

Then one day, it happened. Someone called wanting to interview me, not as Rene Syler, former CBS The Early Show host but as Rene Syler, aka Good Enough Mother.


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Guess what happened after that? I worked harder because being consistent in the beginning (back when I thought no one was watching/listening) was creating the foundation (results).  Those results meant that people were taking note. When they took note, I got more excited and was more prone to continue.

But check this out: the motivation equation is a demand-supply system. You have to CREATE the demand and through that demand, the supply shows up.  So you have to START first and work consistently (sometimes for a very long time) before seeing results and ultimate motivation.

Make sense?

So go out, get to work.

How about you? Have you seen this in your own life? How did it work?

Leave a response here in the comments.. or over on the Facebook page! 








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